Wow, five months since my last update. Ok, a short explanation. First I went to a new position in my old company (kind of Devops) and then I left Starz to play a new song for a new company (say hi to TheMotion). Now it’s all about Docker, Python and some EmberJS. Sorry the wait, but I needed to learn a lot of things in a short time. Let’s hope it will get better the next weeks :)

So this is an idea I have been thinking about in the last few months. You know, I come from a development world that moves faster than light: Javascript. You maybe have readed the How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016 article. It’s brilliant, its funny and sadly it’s true. Each day is a new library, framework, tool, engine or server. F€ck me, the just released a substitute of npm! You may say, “oh, Ludo, that’s cool. It seams your work it’s alive and people are really interested in make this (whatever it is) happen!”.

Yeah, you might be right. It’s awesome, it’s like getting the new things old in just one day. It’s changelling and a intimidating and you feel like you went down all thought the rabbit hole of knowledge EACH-F€CKING-DAY But this is not the thing I want to talk you about. It’s about the importance of thinking differently, or getting out of the box, or doing something with your life different that “hey, man, I learned frozen realms today and it was not about any iced fairy mutant girl”.

So let me be put the things clear.

Get a side job.

That’s it. In the last few years I saw many good fellows setting into the bus of the buzz, working extra hours in their homes to learn the new, shinny, golden framework just to jump to the next metro in six months. You know I respect you all, but man, you could do so much things with your time. Like for example

Get a side job.

“But why Ludo?”, you may ask, “Why would I have to do that? I get my job done, I’m respected, I need to keep moving, stay hungry, stay sharp to be relevant”.

The answer to that question is easy. Repeat with me: you are good enough, you don’t need to get knowledge of every single piece of code someone put on internet. You need to get a side job. Something that steps you out of the computer, something enough challenging to make you detest and love the job at the same time, just like development. Something that can help you to think differently, in a not computerized way.

“Developers convert coffee into code”. Haha, you are right, we are machines, let keep it in that way. But hey, when you reach 40 (believe me, I’m almost there) you will look behind and say. “Oh man, really… how many time I wasted studying SOAP?” and “Why I didn’t spend more time with this little thing I liked so much? Now all I have it’s a big amount of irrelevancy, like a special case for Samsung Galaxy 7” (disclaimer, I’m not being paid by Apple, but hey, I could use a MacBook Pro. ;)

So that’s it. Get a side job. Spend that incredible amount of hours doing something else. But do it in a professional way. That’s important: maybe it’s a hobby but you need to focus like you were paid for it. Better than that, try to get paid for it. Believe me, you will learn that there are a lot of similarities to your real job, like commitment and disappointment. But you will get too new little shards of knowledge, and that knowledge will be useful not only in your life, but in your main job. Work hard and try harder; maybe you will never be so good like a full-time professional but hey, how many developers can do that? I promise: it will be worthly. And I can tell you for sure; I spent last ten years learning how to write, day by day. And I don’t regret any hour, even the “you are no good enough” ones. Even more: I made my colleagues laugh thanks to this knowlegde in the worst of the times. And man, that’s really, really satisfactory

So, please, just

Get a side job.

and you will understand this. I promised.