Just a quick update to show you a new tool I’m working on. You may know the difficulties that every developer on linkedin: you can’t put a valid block of code because Linkedin doesn’t have styles for them. So you can only do two things:

  • Put the code in cursive or similar style
  • Put an image instead the code

If you have seen my linkedin posts (this can be an example) you can see I’m doing the second option. But this option forces me to capture every chunk of code manually. Yes, you know: I need to capture the full webpage and then I capture the chuck and save it to a file.

At first it was all right but in the last posts I have more a more chunks and it is a hell to get it all properly. So I thought, there might be a simpler way to do this. And, after one hour of code, here it is: the Capture Blocks of Code or CBC (shitty name, yeah!)

Check the repository and you will understand what I did:

a) First I capture the image with another tool

b) Then I drag and drop the image into my screen

c) I transform the image in black and white duotone.

d) Then seek for blobs of black and put their coordinates into an array

e) Finally I capture this blobs in the main page and zip them onto a file

Now you may be thinking: what the f**ck are he talking about? Let’s see it on a video:


  • The algorithm is poor; it looks for every pixel of a line; I would improve it by capturing a bigger block in order to get the pixels.

  • A really UI would be wonderful

In any case, now I can add a new linkedin post without pain. And that’s cool :)